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Snowboard Courses in the Arlberg Area

Learn how to snowboard is fun!

Snowboarding is the winter sport for kids, young people and the young-at-heart. Those who can handle the board comfortably will enjoy the wonderful views and feel, in the true sense of the word, "awesome".

Beginners' courses in the ski school Arlberg

Children and teenagers as well as adults can all learn snowboarding in groups. On the pistes of St. Anton am Arlberg, in the group courses, as well as with private lessons, we gradually introduce the participants to the art of snowboarding.

Advanced Courses

Advanced boarders can also learn something from us on our special courses where the snowboard instructors offer tips and tricks in order to help you move with more style and confidence in the Funpark.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

If you are not satisfied on the first day with your ski or snowboard lessons, there is, of course, the option to move (on that day) to another group. If, despite moving groups, the lesson still does not suit you, we can return your money to you at the end of the day.

This means:

you can attend a ski or snowboard lesson WITHOUT RISK.

The Ski School Arlberg offers a multitude of snowboard courses. Find out more about our various offers here

Ability levels
Picture gallery "Snowboard"

Snowboard courses prices

BONUS TICKET – Book several days and save money

Or extend booking from the
2nd day for € 64.- per day

Group courses: adults (St. Anton + Nasserein)



5 days

€ 302.- Book now

4 days

€ 262.- Book now

3 days

€ 222.- Book now

2 days

€ 174.- Book now

1 day

€ 105,- Book now

Off Piste Groups:
An upgrade to 6 or more days is possible locally.
A minimum number of participants (Friday) 
of 7 people per Group is required.

Registration: You can register in any of the offices of the Ski School Arlberg.
Meeting Point: the assembly points are located at the respective ski schools in St. Anton (opposite the Gampen chairlift)
and in Nasserein (opposite the Nassereinbahn).
Meeting time: Daily 09.30 am (excluding Friday and Saturday) 
Course start day for beginners: Sun, Mon; Guest that can already snowboard can start any day
(excl. Fridays and Saturdays). 
Course days: daily - except Friday and Saturday 
Grouping according to ability: 09.30am at the respective assembly points. 
Course duration: 2 hours before noon, 2 hours afternoon, 1 hour lunch break;
(Daily except Fridays and Saturdays) 
Minimum participants: 5 per group 

Subject to change.

Grouping: Snowboard Courses

  • Introduction for snowboard beginners and novices
  • Familarisation with the snowboard equipment
  • Gliding and schuss exercises
  • Sliding
  • Drift turn with weight shift
  • Learn how to use the lift
  • Drift turn upright
  • Tilt turn
  • Slopestyle:
    - Switch
    - Slope tricks (Jump, Ollie, Halfcap, ..)
  • Drift turn deep
  • Tilting turn with body bend
  • Carvig upright
  • Carving deep
  • Leg work
  • Short turns upright (neutral boarding posture)
  • Slopestyle:
    - Slope tricks (Nollie, FS Nosepress 180°, BS 180°, Cap 360°, ..)
    - Kicker (various grabs, FS 180°)
    - Box Jib (50/50, Boardslide, ..)
  • Short turns dynamic boarding posture
  • Short turns upright (dynamic boarding posture)
  • Jumpturn
  • Freeriding (steep slopes, bumps)
  • Technique programme
  • Racing
  • Slopestyle:
    - Slope tricks high level
    - Kicker high level (rotations)
    - Jibs high level (Boxes and rails)

TERMS AND CONDITIONS (more on courses/terms-and-conditions)

Cancellations: Cancellation of a fixed LONG-TERM reservation for a private ski instructor must be received a minimum of 14 days before the beginning of the course. However, if a cancellation is made after this, the Ski School Arlberg reserves the right to charge a full daily rate at the agreed tariff. Cancellation of a fixed SHORT-TERM reservation for a private ski instructor must be made, at the latest, by 16.00 on the evening prior to the booking. However, if the cancellation takes place later than this, the Ski School Arlberg reserves the right to charge a full daily rate at the agreed tariff. Bookings for private instructors that are not paid in advance are not FIXED RESERVATIONS. The Ski School Arlberg cannot accept any liability for accidents, which occur during or before the ski lesson. Accident and liability insurance is the responsibility of the participants.

Information: All prices are valid per person inclusive 20% VAT

  • Course tickets can only be used only on consecutive days.
  • It is only possible to extend a course on completion of an attended course and on presentation of the ski school ticket.
  • Course tickets are not transferable and cannot be returned. No liability is accepted for accidents.
  • The Ski School reserves the right to combine groups.
  • Ski passes and equipment are not included in the course price.
  • In the case of group courses, a refund of pre-paid fees is only possible following accident, injury or illness, on presentation of the original voucher (see reverse of the course ticket) and with a medical certificate from a local resident physician. The amount of the refund is calculated according to the amount of course days actually attended and the total amount will thereby be reduced accordingly. No refund will be given for resignation during a current course or for a non-appearance on the agreed date.

Picture gallery - snowboard

The most beautiful pictures from the Arlberg ski region. Wonderful descents in powder snow with our snowboard courses, guided snowboard tours and in the Fun Area Stanton Park.