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Teens - from 12-17 years

St. Anton + Nasserein 

Our special programme for teens from 12 to 17 years, from beginners to top riders, is tailored to the needs of young people. In the foreground is fun with sport!

Our freestyle programme is just for advanced skiers and snowboarders!

Skiing and snowboarding in all areas and snow conditions is just as important to this programme as deep snow skiing, mogul pistes and race training. The kids will also be introduced to our freeride and freestyle programmes.

Trend sports such as New School, Skifox and Snow Bike are also included.


Registration: You can register in any of the offices of the Ski School Arlberg.
Meeting point: at the assembly point of the childrens world in St. Anton (opposite the Gampen chairlift) and in Nasserein at the childrens area (bottom lift).
Course start for beginners: SO and MO; Children who can already ski - daily (except Saturdays)
Classification according to the skills of the children: 09:30 am at the respective assembly point
Course duration: 2 hours in the morning, 2 hours in the afternoon; 1 hour lunch break - daily (except Saturdays)
Minimum number of participants: 5 children per group

Required Equipment for Kids: helmet;
Recommended: back protector;


Group courses: Freestyle Juniors (St. Anton + Nasserein)

Children from 12 - 17 years

BONUS TICKET – Book several days and save money

Or extend booking from the
2nd day for € 64.- per day



6 days

€ 342.- Book now

5 days

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  • Group and team building of kids, juniors and teens
  • Get used to the equipment
  • Group and team building
  • Flitzen (shot)
  • Snow brake (plow)
    Freestyle Ski
  • Making turns (plough turns)
  • Learning alpine ski posture
  • Door open / door closed (plough steering)
  • Kids Freestyle
    Freestyle Snowboard
  • Switch
  • Slopetricks (Jump, Ollie, Halfcap, ..
    Freestyle Ski
  • Parallel turns - long radius
  • Short carver programme 1
  • Pole planting with long radius turns
  • Parallel turning short radius
  • Pole planting with short radius turns
  • Junior Freestyle
  • Junior Freeride
    Freestyle Snowboard
  • Slopestyle (Nollie, FS Nosepress 180°, BS 180°, Cap 360°, ..)
  • Kicker (various grabs, FS 180°)
  • Box Jib (50/50, Boardslide, ..)
    Freestyle Ski
  • Short Carver Programm II
  • Race cavrving long and short radius
  • Mogul piste
  • Steep slopes
  • Giant slalom and slalom
  • Show skiing
  • Ski Cross
  • Teens Freestyle
  • Teens Freeride - introduction into off piste skiing
  • Alternative Snow Fun (Snowbike, Snowfox)
    Freestyle Snowboard
  • Slopestyle high level
  • Kicker high level (rotations)
  • Jibs high level (boxes und rails)